Turn Google Sheets Into WordPress Tables and Graphs

This article shows you how to use the Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer Plugin to integrate Google sheets onto WordPress webpages  into the latter enables you to get the best out of both worlds. By using Google Sheets, you’ll be able to access that platform’s advanced features and share your results with the world through WordPress. The Inline… Read More Turn Google Sheets Into WordPress Tables and Graphs

10 Quick and Effective Website Improvements

Looking for inspiration and links to useful tools for routine site tuning activities then here are 10 useful ideas: Do a Mobile-Friendliness Test Run a Speed Test Enable Gzip Compression A/B Test Your Call to Action Install an Image Optimization Plugin Review/Update Older Content Update Your About Page Minify Code Add New Keywords Check 404s… Read More 10 Quick and Effective Website Improvements

Designing Marketing Email and Newsletters

Long article with new research that finds big changes in newsletter design and in customers’ attitudes toward marketing email. The main areas covered are: Fewer formal subscriptions Evolution of spam “It’s spam to me” is the operative term in this user quote. Spam is in the eye of the beholder (i.e., recipient). Emotional connections and… Read More Designing Marketing Email and Newsletters